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Privacy policy

Privacy policy for the tenfactsalive.com

If you have require more information regarding the privacy policy of the website, please feel free to write email to support@tenfactsalive.com
The privacy of our visitors is very important to us. Our privacy policy includes the types of personal information collected and received by the tenfactsalive.com and how those information is being used.

First of all, tenfactsalvie.com uses log files in order to collect some typical information from our visitors. The log files includes the information of IP(internet protocol) address , type of ISP(Internet service provider), type of browser used, date time when the page is accessed, referral and existing pages, user movement inside the website and some other graphical information which is not related to the personal information of the website visitor.

Tenfactsalive.com uses cookies to store some small amount of the information in the text format in the browser. When you will accessed the website it will download the small piece of information as cookie to your computer which will store the information of the current user preferences, customization, operation behaviors etc. The main purpose of the cookie is for the analysis of the traffic information only. The cookie does not contain the personal details. If you wish to disable the cookie , depending upon the browser you used you can set the preferences to enable or disable the cookie for the website.

We do not sell any cookies and traffic information to any third parties.