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10 Magnificent award-winning National Geographic photos of 2015

By TFA Team

Taking a good photo isn’t an easy task; it takes lots of perseverance and patience. Below are the 10 magnificent images of 2015 awarded by National Geography for their beauty and uniqueness.

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Whale Whisperers
Anuar Patjane Floriuk was the grand prize winner who took this photo, titled Whale Whisperers. In the photo, we can see a newborn calf with her mother cruising around Roca Partida, Mexico. This is an outstanding place full of pelagic life which should be listed in the UNESCO natural heritage site.
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Gravel Workmen
This photo, titled Gravel Workmen, was taken by Faisal Azim which scored second-place in the contest. In the photo, we can see three gravel workers looking through the window glass at their working place, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
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Camel Ardah
Ahmed AL Toqi called this photo Camel Ardah, which won the third prize. In Oman, Camel Ardah is one of the traditional styles of camel racing. In the race, fastest camel loses the race, so they must be running at the same speed level in the same track. This sport reflects the beauty of Arabian camels and the rider’s skills. Ardah is considered one of the dangerous sport since we can’t predict the camel’s reactions and they may get feral and jump toward the spectators.
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Land of Fairy tales
Eduard Gutescu took this breathtaking photo, which won the merit prize. He calls this image Romania, Land of Fairy tales and describes it as, “White frost over Pestera village”.
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This photo, titled Highlanders also won the merit prize and it was taken by Bartlomiej Jurecki. He told the image describes the traditional haymaking in Poland.
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Sauna in the Sky
Sauna in the Sky was another merit prize winner, captured by Stefano Zardini at 2,800 meters high sauna in the heart of Dolomites, Cortina, eastern Italian Alps.
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White Rhinos
This photo was captured by Stefane Berube, who won the merit prize. He said, “The night before this photo, they tried all day to get a good photo of white rhinos in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Uganda” which they couldn’t. But the next day, he woke up to see all three rhinos grazing in front of him.
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This photo of Kushti, also known as Indian wrestling was taken by Alain Schroeder which also won a merit prize. This photo captures the tiring moment of two wrestlers resting against the walls of the arena who are covered with soil to soak up perspiration and avoid catching a cold.
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Boys and duck
This image won the merit prize as well, which was taken by Sarah Wouters. In this image, we can see two boys trying to catch a duck at the stream in Nong Khai, Thailand.
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A Night at Deadvlei
Last but not the least, is this incredible image captured by Beth McCarley. He Titled this image “A Night at Deadvlei” . The camel thorn tree which is seen in the photo is believed to be approximately 900 years old, but hasn’t decomposed due to the dry environment.”

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