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10 bizarre houses around the world

By TFA Team

Buying a house is one time investment for most of people around the world. We do lots of research, spending our time and money to get our picture perfect house. Some people like small houses, some like big ones and there are people with bizarre taste of architecture. Here we can see 10 most bizarre houses around the world,

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Space ship house
Space ship house, Chattanooga, Tennessee: $119,000
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Shoe house
Shoe house Hallam, Pennsylvania: $127,000
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Nautilus House
Nautilus House, Mexico city: $218,000
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Mushroom House
Mushroom House, Cincinnati, Ohio: $349,000
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Dog Bark Inn
Dog Bark Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho: $1 Million
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Toilet-shaped House
Toilet-shaped House, Suwon, South Korea: $1.1 Million
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VW Beetle House
VW Beetle House, Salzburg, Austria: $1.4 Million
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Fallingwater, Pennsylvania: $2,695,716 (2014)
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Steel House, Ransom Canyon
Steel House, Ransom Canyon,Texas: $3 Million
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Palace of Bubbles
Palace of Bubbles, France: $9 Million

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